2020 Manning Park


Location: E.C Manning Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada

Date: July 13-16, 2020 

Leaders: Jess Findlay and Connor Stefanison

Fee: $1495 CAD (Approx. $1200 USD) + 5% GST

Deposit: $500

Maximum Group Size: 6 Photographers


*Please click here to view a full workshop information package *


Workshop Introduction:

Located just 2 hours from Vancouver, Manning Provincial Park protects over 70,844 hectares of wilderness in the heart of British Columbia’s Cascade Mountains. Moving west to east through the climate transitions dramatically from old growth coastal rainforest, to semi-arid ponderosa pine forest and grassland. From low-lying valleys to high mountain peaks, this park boats an incredible diversity of flora and fauna. These include 206 species of bird, and 63 species of mammals, including a small population of Grizzly Bears, and the rare Northern Spotted Owl. 

Taking into account the breathtaking scenery, presence of charismatic wildlife, and close proximity to Vancouver, the park remains relatively quiet, retaining it's authentically wild atmosphere. 


Why participate in this workshop?

  • Two leaders means you will receive more one on one instruction.

  • Our workshops take place in a fun and non-competitive atmosphere.

  • We have been visiting the park since we were very young, and we are very experienced in locating the area’s wildlife. This ensures that you are in the best place at the best time to capture the best possible images.

  • We are committed to providing you with the greatest possible workshop experience.

  • Unlike many other workshops, this one will encompass a broad spectrum of subject matter.

  • Known for our unique, eye-catching images, we can help hone your photographic eye.

  • All of our advertised images were taken at the workshop sites.


Cost includes:

  • Three full days of photography

  • Unlimited expert photographic instruction and guiding in the field

  • Post-processing lessons and presentations mid-day

  • Transportation within the park while photographing


Cost does not include:

  • Transportation to and from Manning Provincial Park from your place of origin

  • Meals

  • Beverages (excluding water while photographing)

  • Lodging and camping

  • WIFI

  • Trip insurance (we recommend that you acquire this)


Suggested Photography Gear:

  • Digital SLR

  • Wide angle lens (example: 16-35mm, 24-70mm)

  • Mid-range lens (example: 70-200mm)

  • Telephoto lens (300mm or larger)

  • Tripod

  • Polarizing filter

  • Cable or wireless shutter remote

  • Bag to carry all of the above in the field


Most Commonly Encountered Species:

  • Sooty Grouse

  • Clark's Nutcracker

  • Pine Grosbeak

  • Boreal Chickadee

  • Gray Jay

  • Common Raven

  • Common Loon

  • Steller's Jay

  • Mule Deer

  • Black Bear

  • Snowshoe Hare

  • Yellow-bellied Marmot

  • American Pika

  • Yellow-pine Chipmunk

  • Cascade Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel

  • Columbian Ground Squirrel

Participant's Images:



We recommend either staying at Manning Park Lodge, or at one of the park’s 5 campgrounds.



Attached to the Manning Park Lodge, is Pinewoods Restaurant, open daily from 7:00am to 9:00pm. Additionally, a small bistro is also open from 8:30am to 3:30pm. The Country Store, also conveniently located at the lodge, offers snacks, basic groceries, alcoholic beverages, souvenirs, and very basic camping equipment. 



  • We will meet in the Manning Park Lodge lobby at 2pm on July 13th. Here we will have a meet and greet, as well as a presentation about the workshop.

  • On July 16th, the photography portion of the workshop will run until 10am, after which you may check out of your hotel or campsite. After that, we will meet back and have a final group meal. After brunch, we'll have optional image review time until the early afternoon.


Morning Photography:

In order to ensure that everyone is ready for sunrise, we will meet in the lodge lobby each morning at 5am. Since there won't be time for a proper breakfast before shooting, we recommend packing some snacks. After sunrise landscapes in the alpine, we will work our way down the mountain in search of wildlife. Once finished with that, we will spend time photographing sun-seeking rodents, such as Yellow-bellied Marmots and Columbian Ground Squirrels. Once we're done the morning shoot, we can enjoy a proper breakfast at around 10am. After breakfast, there will be a break until around 1pm.



At the end of our break, we will be meeting up for post-processing lessons and presentations. Once finished, we will make our way to an early dinner at around 4:30pm.


Afternoon/evening Photography:

Once everyone is finished eating dinner, we’ll head back out into the field for more photography! After our sunset shoot, feel free to join us for some star photography at around 11pm (weather permitting).



In order to participate in this workshop, please email me at connor_stef@hotmail.com, or use the form to the right. Here I will be able to send you a registration package and liability waiver.

For your registration to be confirmed, you must mail a cheque with your deposit to the address that I will provide you with. Deposits are non-refundable, unless the workshop is cancelled by the leaders. Final payment of the remaining workshop fee is due 60 days before the start date of the workshop. Total amount is non-refundable 6 weeks before the start date, unless a replacement participant can be found.

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